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My story

Alessandro Dalle Mura

My story would be very long, so I don't want to bore you, so I try to be as direct as possible. If you want I can tell you in detail about another occasion and circumstances.

My name is Alessandro Dalle Mura, I was born in Tuscany (Italy) in a humble and hard-working family. Formed by my mother Laura (2020🎚), my father Eugenio and my sister Monica.

I have a wonderful 21 year old daughter named Rebecca who is the most important thing in my life.
I live since 2017 in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain.

I was 5 when I started playing sports, exactly football, but I have always been hyperactive and I needed to do two sports at the same time.

This allowed me to learn many different things. I enjoyed competing in any sport I have practiced such as: swimming, windsurfing, athletics, tennis, volleyball, basketball, handball.

My constitution was thin and I was often the victim of threats, profanity and mistreatment.

There are many anecdotes that I could tell, from school, in the sports environment and when I went out with friends more or less like now in any part of the world.
I too had a bad experience when I was only 5 years old, when I was the victim of an attempted home robbery, while my mother was at the window asking for help.

We didn't have a phone and my father wasn't there. I had an incredible shock, so much so that I have always lived with anxiety and fear. After the advice of several doctors, my parents decided to enroll me in one karate school to try to solve the problem.

In the year 1975 at the age of 9, I started in the world of Martial Arts, with KarateDO with Master Crealbo, who instilled in me the great interest to continue in this wonderful ART.

I started my competitive career in Kata and Kumite from 15 to 37 years, I reached the international level with excellent results.
In 1985 I joined the Army sports team and I continue to study to compete and teach KarateDo to officers. In this period I find myself in some dangerous situations.
I have experienced a very hard and very selective karate, but also wonderful for the good fortune of having studied from Great Japanese Masters such as Hiroshi Shirai, Nishiama, Kase, Kanazawa, Ochi, Watanabe, Naito, Funakoshi, etc., and Europeans, especially from school tuscany such as Lombardi, Ferrari, Ceruti etc.

1984 - The first 1st dan black belt in various Italian organizations
1986 - Lifeguard title I.L.S. International Savings
2002 - 2nd degree
2003 - 3rd Dan
2003 and 2021 - Title of karate master
2005 - Title of Professional Massager
2006 - Founder of the Sessatakuma karate school
2008 - Title of A.F.A. (adapted physical activity)
2009 - Founder of BioEnergiKa
2010 - Head of US ACLI Martial Arts
2010 - Title Renshi Hiroshi Shirai Goshindo
2011 - Personal trainer title
2011 - Title of Self Defense Expert
2011 - Swimming instructor 
2012 - 4th Dan
2019 - KiDojoArt
2021 Technical Director of the International Karate Federation FSKA WORLD (Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association Worldwide) for the Canary Islands (ESP).

Kevin Funakoshi Sensei is the Founder of FSKA WORLD, son of Kenneth Funakoshi and great grandson, 4th generation of the Founder of Shotokan Karate also known as the "Father of Modern Karate" Gichin Funakoshi

In all these years I have taught karateDo in various schools. I also worked as a security and bodyguard.
I have continued studying and teaching the Art of Karate in Fuerteventura since I have lived here, updating myself to the present also by teaching On Line Courses.

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