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The decontracting massage has the function of loosening the muscle contractures that may occur due to incorrect movements or physical efforts, perhaps after an intense workout.

Massaggio alla schiena


A particular type of massage whose purpose is to promote the drainage of lymphatic fluids, reducing stagnation by stimulating the lymphatic circulation

Massage Therapy


It is a form of massage of Japanese origin whose purpose, similarly to other types of massage of oriental derivation, is to act not only on the body but also on the psyche, making the individual reach a state of well-being in its totality ( body and mind) and not only on a physical level.



Sports massage is a particular type of massage performed on specific body regions in order to improve athletic performance



Holistic massage is a particular massage carried out with the aim of achieving the well-being of the individual as a whole.
This massage aims to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit, just like holistic medicine to which this form of massage belongs.

Massaggio con olio


The relaxing massage has several benefits. It acts on various points of the body by stimulating the body's energy, reactivating blood and lymphatic circulation. It reduces states of anxiety and stress with an important curative and preventive therapy



Reflexology is a wellness technique that falls within the bio-natural disciplines, it is a manual technique of stimulation, with the simple use of the operator's hands, of the so-called "reflex points", which have been mapped over time.
The action reflected on these mapped points, which correspond to organs, glands or systems of our body, affects them, with the aim of rebalancing the entire organism, in order to stimulate its self-healing abilities

Massaggio plantare

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