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Martial arts

They are a set of techniques that are developed with physical, mental and spiritual practices created for defense and fighting in combat, it is a well codified method or system of rules.

They are characterized by exercising the harmony of body, mind and spirit, which is why they incorporate a philosophical current for each practiced discipline, moreover, they pass from generation to generation and over time they perfect the style and their pragmatism in thinking.


Martial art refers to a set of physical, mental and psychological practices related to combat, originally used to increase the warrior's chances of victory in battle, today they are a way of individual improvement and complete physical activity, as well as for defense personal.

The word ART in the broadest sense includes all human activity, the reference to various crafts of ancient tradition as well as creativity and aesthetic expressions with technical devices, innate or acquired skills derived from study and experience, therefore capable of transmitting emotions and subjective messages, although there is no single artistic language; we could also define the meaning of ART in the technical expression of human interiority.


The word MARTIAL derives from the God of MARS who in Roman times was the God of War, therefore Martial Art means a set of physical, mental and spiritual practices related to combat.


The use of this term was introduced around the 1960s, when the Chinese, Japanese and Korean Martial Arts began to spread. In fact, as early as the 1500s in Europe, combat systems were named and recognized by that definition.


Samurai techniques were redefined as Martial Arts. "Martial" because disciplined and correct behavior was and was required and "Arts" because everyone adapted the techniques learned to their own constitution, character and maturity, without limits of age or gender. Martial art, therefore, means: "Get to know each other through the practice of a fighting technique". The important thing is not the achievement of a certain goal, but the way and the spirit with which one advances along the path of one's knowledge.


Over time the Martial Arts have evolved and today they are studied for various reasons: acquiring combat skills, self-defense, sports fitness, physical health and gymnastics, self-control, meditation, strengthening the use of force, gaining confidence with one's body, self-confidence. on their own abilities. and awareness of your limits.

Karate Do and Goshindo are two of the many Martial Arts that well interpret the concept I told you about.........

Over the years I have dedicated most of my time to deepening Martial Arts and my continuous studies have allowed me to "create and develop" a motor activity with roots in the world of Martial Arts that can be practiced by everyone without no specific purpose.

BioEnergiKa aims to help you achieve a psychophysical balance.

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